How To Have the Best Day Ever, the RainShadow Way

Here at RainShadow Labs, we re all about having the best day ever. Whether it s doing our best to serve you and making your private label skincare needs and dreams come true, coming up with new and exciting formulas, or using our own creations on ourselves, we like to think we ve gotten pretty good at making our days the best ever with our skincare products. And while it s by no means a stand in for other things like human connection and doing the things you love, here are two skincare themed things we ve found to be pretty effective at helping us have the best day ever.

Use an uplifting essential oil- Essential oils are some of the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable methods for helping yourself to have the best day ever. Not only have countless oils been shown to have uplifting, heart opening, relaxing and even euphoric aroma therapeutic properties, their smells alone are such an enjoyable thing to constantly be surrounded by. Whether you choose to take a bath with a few drops of Yuzu added, keep an essential oil based spritz in your bag to spray whenever you want, or a couple drops of Lavender placed neat on your temples and wrists as you move through your day, you re sure to have the best day ever. 

Put on a mask- Facemasks need to be given more credit. Not only are they fantastic skincare strategies and do a wonderful job of bolstering your overall skincare approach, they are also an invitation to sit back and relax for a little bit. You could easily double down on this by taking a relaxing bath while you allow your favorite mask to work its magic on your face. Or, on the flip side, you could get some important things done while you let your mask sit; this way, you ll be being productive around your house, for example, while also investing in your skin. Talk about the best ever! There are no doubt other ways for you to help yourself have the best time ever, including other ways that involve private label skincare or other private label products. Maybe you love lighting candles, have a favorite invigorating body scrub or oil based facial cleanser that always makes you feel like a queen. Whatever method(s) you choose, know that you always have some simple, skin feeding tricks available to help yourself feel the very best, every day.

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