How To Revitalize A Sallow Complexion

When you think of the kind of complexion you want, do the words radiant, glowing and rosy come to mind? If these exact words don t, there s a good chance that one of their variants do. Why? Because happy, balanced, well cared for skin really does glow. Blush and other cosmetic aids are nice, but nothing beats natural radiance; it s magnetic. But what if you don t feel like a glowing goddess all the time? What if--like most of us--you have your days (or even weeks, let s be honest here) where your skin just looks plain and dull? Does it matter? And if it does, how can you get that natural glow back?

If you feel like your skin is on the lackluster side, you re not alone. There are a lot of things that factor into how our skin looks, and a lot of them are really simple and easy to fix. For a sallow, dull complexion, here are a few things that usually do the trick:

First, make sure you exfoliate regularly. This will ensure that your skin s natural glow isn t getting blocked and squashed out of the picture by a layer of dead and brittle skin cells. Your exfoliant doesn t have to be harsh (in fact, it shouldn t be harsh at all!), and you can use either a manual exfoliant in the form of a scrub or an enzyme based mask. If you re not sure which one you d prefer, don t worry, you can try both! Once a week is a great place to start. As you continue to pay attention to the feedback your skin gives you, you ll know if you need to back off or add another day.

Second, use private label skincare that encourages healthy blood flow into your skin. This creates a natural glow and rosiness because the blood delivers oxygen to your cells, as well as cellular nutrition. And nourished, oxygenated skin is happy, glowing, vibrant skin! Ingredients to look for include Rosemary, Rose Otto and Lavender in their essential oil and non-essential oil extracted forms.

Though these tips might seem too simple to really bring that natural glow into your face, the reality is that simple doesn t mean it won t work. Often simple is the best remedy! With consistency and attention, you can successfully turn a sallow complexion into a radiant and glowing one. Just be patient and make adjustments as you need them. Good luck!

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