How To Soothe Your Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, then you know it s a constant process to make sure that whatever you are using, or might potentially use on your skin is as non-irritating as possible. But even then, your skin might feel perpetually irritated and can flare up at the slightest change. Maybe it looks red, or feels itchy. Maybe it even breaks out! You might walk through the world feeling like you have to constantly be on alert for things that could irritate your skin: people touching it or a new product your friend wants you try, for example. It can feel overwhelming. So what are you to do?

When it comes to sensitive skin that s reactive and hard to calm down, there are some key private label skincare ingredients that get the job done, and they get it done well. In no particular order of importance, here they are:

First, there s jojoba oil. Actually a liquid plant wax, jojoba oil has a chemical makeup that is extremely close to that of your skin s own sebum. This makes it extremely valuable for soothing sensitive skin because all of the vitamin E and other essential fatty acids in jojoba oil are so easily absorbed due to their convenient bioavailability. And because jojoba oil is an adaptogenic private label skincare ingredient, it helps to teach your skin how to produce the correct amount of oil for itself and better respond to stress.

Another skin soothing ingredient for private label skincare is lavender essential oil. It s extremely gentle, safe for use on children and has a smell that is loved by many and provides calming aromatherapeutic effects that mirror its physical benefits. The skin soothing properties of lavender were actually discovered on accident by a French scientist who burned himself and used some lavender oil he had on hand in a moment of desperation. He was absolutely astonished at how quickly the pain went and away and how flawlessly his burn healed as a result of the lavender essential oil. You can use it diluted in your favorite carrier oil or other private label product, or you can use a drop placed neat on any spots that need some special attention.

The last private label skincare ingredient on our list is raw shea butter. With its rich, moisturizing texture and protective qualities, shea butter is a fantastic product to use all over your body and face for when feelings and signs of irritation pop up and need some love. You can also combine it with both the lavender and the jojoba for additional soothing help and DIY fun.

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