Improve Your Skin This Spring With Our 3 Step At-Home Regimen

In this blog you ll find a three-day plan to create a radiant and healthy looking complexion at home using botanical private label skincare. Now that the spring season is here, it s the perfect time to clean up your skincare products and prepare your skin for the sunny days ahead with an at-home skincare plan! During the winter months, our skin suffers from extreme dryness that causes the skin to look less than radiant. This three-day regimen is designed to encourage the skin to look more smooth, radiant and even-toned. 

Day 1: An Effective Facial Scrub & Peel

Proper exfoliation allows all other products to work more effectively. Sloughing off those dead skin cells should be the first step in your three-day plan. Because we want a deeper exfoliation, I recommend using a product that includes both a physical exfoliant and a chemical exfoliant. An example of both would be olive seed powder (physical exfoliant) and glycolic acid (chemical exfoliant), like our private label 10x Triple Acid Firm Peel.

Day 2: An Antioxidant & Oxygenating Facial Mask

Antioxidants are your skin's best friend and dramatically restore the appearance of the skin. Using a daily Vitamin C Serum works to reveal fresher, younger looking skin. I recommended using a dose of stable Vitamin C Serum under your moisturizer every day all year round. For this regiment, we will be using our antioxidant-rich Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Facial Mask. Use this face mask for 30 minutes and repeat once a week for best results. This step in the regiment will provide gentle exfoliation with fresh fruit pulp, and transform dull-looking skin into a plump and hydrated looking complexion. 

Day 3: A Deep Hydrating Treatment 

Now that our skin has been deeply exfoliated and lathered in an antioxidant mask, it's time to hydrate the skin! My favorite way to do this is with an overnight treatment. In this step, we will apply a night cream and facial oil as our last layer. The idea of using the facial oil on top is to lock in the night cream so it can work longer, giving your skin maximum benefits. I will always go with a night cream that contains ingredients like retinol, plant stem cells, and botanical hyaluronic acid. These plant-powered active ingredients work dramatically to give skin a youthful and hydrated complexion. 

So there you have it, a three-day program to refresh your skin from the harsh winter season! I hope the results will give you confidence and make you feel beautiful in your skin.

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