Is Your Skin Lacking Vitamin C? Here's the Answer

Do you know what happens to the skin when it lacks vitamin C? The aging process sets in at a swift pace.  Since vitamin C is required for collagen production, a lack of it leads to wrinkles and sagging. Do you own a spa? Offer someone our Wholesale Vitamin  C Serum if his or her skin is beginning to jowl and developing fine to severe lines.

Age spots are also a sign that someone could use a Vitamin C Serum.  Age spots are simply discoloration caused by overexposure to the sun over many years. Vitamin C protects skin from the sun s UV rays and is even associated with lower rates of skin-cancer.  Using a Vitamin C Serum will actually lighten and reverse sun-spots and protect from future discoloration!

Lastly, you can tell a lack of vitamin C if their skin is dull, dry or flaking.  Vitamin-C is essential for moisture retention and rough and scaly skin is a sign that the dermis doesn t have enough vitamin C.  Using a Vitamin C Serum removes the dullness, reveals a newer and younger layer of skin, and helps that new skin keep the integral moisture level for it s optimum luminosity.

Our Vitamin C Serum is blended with super-hydrating Organic Aloe Leaf, collagen boosting MSM and skin polishing Botanical Hyaluronic Acid! It s lush, natural and organic so you know what you offer is not only effective but also healthy!

Vitamin C serums are the most popular anti-aging treatment on the market.  Why? Because they work! Purchasing Vitamin C Serum Wholesale through RainShadow Labs is a great way to provide a top-grade treatment at a value cost to you or your company.  So offer your spa clients, (or yourself!) a supreme version of this product by at Buy Direct prices!

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