Keep Your Hands Soft Through Washing

Hand washing is crucial for overall health. It is the single most preventative health promoting activity that works well for everyone. But, if you have to wash your hands often or if you live in a climate with dry air, your hands could become dry and cracked. We all know that lotion can be wonderful for dry hands. But, the right lotion should be used because the wrong type of lotion can create more dry skin issues. Avoid lotions with high water content and look for those that are creamier than normal. There are creams made specifically for very dry skin that feel like a gel. These will work well too. Some of the jobs that require frequent hand washing include food preparation and health care. These jobs also require employees to wear gloves most of the time. Lotion can be applied before slipping on the gloves. This will help to lock moisture in. This trick can also be done by anyone at night before bed. The moisture will sink into the skin during sleeping hours. The soap that you wash your hands with can also create dryness or promote softness. Low quality soaps that are high in detergents can cause very flaky and irritated hands. Other higher quality soaps, made by soap distributors, contain ingredients that will create supple skin such as yogurt and lotion beads. Be sure that you always use a soap that is made for dry skin. Also, try to apply lotion after you have washed your hands. If you have very dry hands, find a specialized lotion with a gel texture to prevent painful cracking.
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