Lovely Lips: Scrubs and Balms from RainShadow Labs

Your lips are your most alluring feature. But too easily the lips get dry, chapped, thin and aged due to poor lip care. The delicate skin that forms the lips needs special attention. At RainShadow Labs, we are committed to keeping your lips healthy and full by providing natural products that deliver results! Do you take care of your lips the way they deserve? 

Our Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Scrub, Bamboo Raspberry Antioxidant Scrub, Sugar Scrub and Light Sugar Scrub are top-notch, spa-grade lip soothing products. By gently sloughing off the top layer of skin with one of our therapeutic scrubs, you reduce the appearance of lip lines and prevent further aging. Lip scrubs also bring more blood the tissue, making the lips fuller. Above all else, lip exfoliation helps your lips retain moisture longer; if you scrub your lips regularly, you ll never have to worry about thinning or loss of softness. 

You ll also never have to worry about loss of lip color! Lips are pink because the skin of the lip is only three to five layers thick, i.e. very thin. Blood vessels appear through this thin skin, which leads to the lips red coloring. Using one of our pure, high-end scrubs encourages blood circulation and removes a dead layer of skin so that the red can show through more vividly. 

Once you ve exposed a fresh layer of skin, you ll want to follow with a moisturizing and protective lip balm. Lip skin does not have its own oil glands. You need to apply moisture to your lips to keep them soft and hydrated. RainShadow Labs Creamy Lip Balm, Moisturizing Lip Balm and Natural Therapy Lip Balm are rich in luxurious oils and butters that nourish and condition your most voluptuous feature! 

Lastly, taking care of your lips is a savvy way to embellish your love life! Full, soft lips suggest warmth and sensuality and bewitch the opposite sex. Additionally, the lips have many sensitive nerve endings that play a role in the enjoyment kissing. Exfoliating and conditioning your lips will give you extra sensitivity in this very romantic pastime! 

At RainShadow Labs, we take pride in the naturalness, effectiveness and luxuriance of our products. Take a look at our unique lip-care line and embrace a bold, new, sensuous life!
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