Magnolia Essential Oil: A Hidden Beauty Treasure

Magnolia essential oil is one of RainShadow Labs all time favorite hidden beauty treasures! If you don t know already, essential oils are distillations of the powerful and richly fragrant chemical compounds found in plants. Essential oils can support the body, as well as uplift thought patterns in the mind and promote emotional well-being. We love magnolia essential oil at the moment because it s a secret beauty gem!

Magnolia essential oil is potent! It contains 63 separate phytochemical components and molecular extracts. Magnolia essential oil can be used for beauty and relaxation. Use it in a humidifier to put the fragrant vapors into the air.  Or, put a few drops in a carrier oil and use the magnolia in a massage treatment to relax.

The scent of the magnolia flower, from the beginning, has intoxicated humans with its lightly vanilla and lemony perfume. The fragrance of the magnolia flower is delicate, and sweet. It s an uplifting aromatic. Mystics have used the fragrance for the heart meridians and the root, naval, and heart chakra centers.

As a beauty balm, magnolia essential oil tops the charts! When mixed with carrier oils, the magnolia essential oil is a great tonic for moisturizing the skin, softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and lightening the appearance of darks spots from the elements.  The scent also encourages your personal sense of beauty. If you put a little on your wrists or spritz your clothes with a hydrosol (a few drops in water), you will feel absolutely radiant and magnetic.

Traditionally, however, magnolia essential oil has been used not only as a beauty enhancer, but also as an aphrodisiac! Its luxuriousness has been used to help people get back in touch with their senses. The impassioning bouquet helps one to feel delicious, soft, and desirable. Magnolia oil can be used to keep things spicy.  Spritz some in your hair or on your skin to get ready for a hot date!

RainShadow Labs offers you a pure and unadulterated distillation from flowers grown in China, the magnolia tree s traditional home. Use this rare and beautifying oil to bring health and euphoria in your everyday life!

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