Meditation with Essential Oils

Meditation is one of the most ancient techniques for relieving stress and healing naturally. Now, more than ever meditation practices can help to reduce stress. Todays world is full of technology and constantly changing environments off and online. It can be difficult for an everyday person to really relax. Meditation can help and essential oils are part of the process.

For centuries, different cultures have found that many oils have healing properties and therapeutic benefits. Different oils can be added to diffusers to create aromas that help with certain ailments and everyday stressors. The most popular and common oils used in massage are listed below:

Patchouli: Long known for its benefits for bringing inner peace to individuals, patchouli has an earthy scent.

Lavender: Lavender is especially useful when meditating at the end of a busy day. Its properties are calming and will help to create a good nights sleep after meditation.

Lemon: If you are down or feeling negative, lemon oil can be the cure. Lemon oil is great when used for morning meditation for a bright, positive pick me up.

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