Mineralize Your Face With Seaweed

In the private label skincare world, much of the focus goes to things like antioxidants, collagen builders and acne fighting ingredients. And while all of those things are important, let us not forget the vital role that minerals play in keeping our skin young, healthy, and vibrant. Without them, it s virtually impossible to have optimally functioning skin, and skin that doesn t perform to its requirements is skin that struggles to heal, glow and easily sags. So how do we get these essential minerals into our private label skincare? The answer is simple: seaweeds.

Because seaweed grows in the ocean, it contains all 92 minerals found in the ocean. Now at first glance this may seem cool, but not terribly important. Think again! Due to industrialization and large scale farming practices, our soils are now deficient in some of the most essential minerals for our health and skin. As such, it is now much harder to feed ourselves all the minerals we need, which is exactly where seaweed comes in.

Not only does seaweed contain all 92 minerals from the sea, it also contains skin regenerative and anti aging polysaccharides, similar to Aloe Vera, as well as free radical neutralizing antioxidants. Seaweed can serve as a powerful anti inflammatory and is a great natural source of vitamin A, which just happens to be one of the most extensively researched vitamins for anti aging available. 

Seaweed is so nutritive and multidimensional that it goes perfectly in a wide range of private label skincare products. Turn a normal mask into a skin nutrition powerhouse, a serum into a slurry of anti aging genius, and a moisturizer into a soothing crème of polysaccharide filled relief. Seaweed is basically a must have private label skincare ingredient because not only is it gentle, effective and versatile, but it does something that basically all other ingredients can t. Similar to why so many people enjoy Dead Sea salt soaks and mud masks, seaweed provides the essential and now quite hard to find minerals that are so important for glowing, soft and healthy skin.

Seaweed can also be used private label haircare for the same reasons it can be used for the skin. Promote strength, shine, youth, health, and deep nutrition in all your private label skincare products- with seaweed. You ve got nothing to lose and everything good to gain. Be it a mask, scrub, serum or wash, seaweed is just the thing you need to take your skincare from good, to fantastic.
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