Natural, Healing Hair Care Treatments

Its Summertime, which means its time to pack away those warm winter hats and flaunt those lovely locks of yours! Whether or not you have short or long hair, it is important to promote healthy hair growth to achieve and maintain a thick, lustrous mane. There are many products out there that tout hair growing capabilities. These products are packed with artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals that can eventually cause damage to your hair, internal organs (remember, your skin absorbs at least 60% of what you apply to it) and can even provoke cancer. Luckily, there is a solution! Avoid the danger of using threatening, artificial products to tend to your hair and benefit from natural products! Read below to discover how natural oils can improve any hair type and texture with noteworthy results.

Combine rosemary oil with a base oil and massage the mixture thoroughly into your scalp. To increase its absorption wrap your scalp with saran wrap and then a layer of tinfoil. Sit, lay, or play in the sun for a minimum of 30 minutes and allow your hair to naturally heat up. If the sun is not out or you prefer the indoors, wrap your head in a damp, hot towel or use a hair blow dryer on it for five minutes. A rosemary hot oil treatment stimulates blood circulation and thus promotes hair growth. For further rosemary magic, use a refreshing daily rinse of rosemary leaves simmered in water and delay the onset of gray hair and promote retention of hair color.

Lavender oil is an amazing natural hair care product. It helps to alleviate and terminate dandruff while encouraging new hair growth and adding volume to the hair shaft. Mix several drops of lavender oil with a base oil to make an blend immediately ready for hair care. Another option is to make a lavender infused oil. Do so by placing a few sprigs of lavender in a glass container and filling it with extra-virgin olive oil. Seal the combination tightly and allow it to age for 3-4 weeks in a cool, dark place. Use your preferred oil concoction as a daily treatment by applying and leaving it on overnight, washing thoroughly in the morning. Use it is as a hot oil treatment by saturating your hair in your lavender oil blend and allowing your hair to heat via your preferred method.  

Jojoba oil is a fantastic moisturizer that has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans to moisturize and grow their hair. The molecular makeup of jojoba oil resembles the natural oil scalp glands produce. Apply jojoba oil directly to your hair or add a few drops of it to your conditioner to promote hair growth, hydration, and softness. Aloe Vera is another sensational, natural hair product used for centuries upon centuries by the Native Americans. Aloe Vera promotes hair growth, moisturizes the hair, and opens up previously blocked pores on the scalp to give all of your hair follicles a chance. Mixed with equal parts wheat germ oil and coconut milk you can create a natural shampoo that cleans, conditions, and vitalizes your locks.

Mix three drop of peppermint oil with three teaspoons of water and massage the mixture into your scalp for a safe, stimulating procedure. Enjoy the fresh, clean aroma and sensation as your hair follicles are aroused and your hair growth is encouraged.

Use these treatments throughout the Summer and heal any sun, salt, or chlorine damage you may get from all of your sunny adventures. Stick to it and enjoy the extra bounce, body, and all-over healthy appearance of your silky mane as you frolic through these Summer months.
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