Ocean-based Keratin for Strong, Shiny Hair

Healthy, sexy, shiny looking hair is undoubtedly one of the best accessories you can have. It feels great, looks great, and is a sign that your body, and your shampoo and conditioner, are working right. So what exactly are the keys to having gorgeous, full, and smooth hair? For us, one of the best ingredients for maintaining the hair is undoubtedly ocean-based keratin. It is a must for shampoos and conditioners alike that focus on maintaining hair that doesn t frizz, split, or hang limp.

If you ve ever been to a salon, you may well have noticed that many offer keratin treatments, especially for people with long hair. The point of the keratin treatment is to re-strengthen and protect the hair from splitting and damage in general, and it does this by coating the hair shaft with this valuable and biologically abundant protein.

You see, the hair and nails are largely made up of keratin, and when the hair doesn t get enough of it, it becomes weak, brittle, and the ends easily split. By getting keratin treatments, the hair is coated with this protective and strengthening protein, preventing unnecessary and unsightly damage. Private label shampoos and conditioners can offer the same kind of keratin-based results by including ocean-based keratin in their formulas.

Our ocean-based keratin is a botanical extract of multiple species of sea algae that support moisture retention in the hair and deliver a plethora of trace elements and vitamins including vitamin A, Silica, and Magnesium. They also support the hair s structure and shiny luster by delivering a host of naturally occurring amino acids. It works wonders when it comes to restoring the feeling of thickness, body and shine.

There s no need to have lifeless, limp, sad, and thinning hair. By including ocean-based keratin in your private label hair care, you effectively prevent this from ever happening. All it takes is a little sea-based protein and minerals to get damaged hair back on the right track, and to bolster already happy hair with an extra deep well of nutrients to draw from that keep it thick, sexy, and irresistibly lustrous. Include ocean-based keratin in your formulas, and don t let the damaging effects of styling, heat, chemicals, and irritating products ruin your hair day, or prevent the success of your private label formulas.
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