Oils For Lovers

Smell plays an important role in our moods. Natural essential oils can have a powerful aphrodisiac effect on our system if used correctly. If you want to spice up your love life, here are a few natural essential oil suggestions.

Rose - Rose is a powerful oil with deep romantic roots. Cleopatra was even rumored to have used rose petals in her bath. As one of the most popular perfumes of all time, its floral, romantic aroma will set the mood right away.

Jasmine - Jasmine is a favorite natural essential oil. Women can use jasmine essential oil behind their ears, or on the back of their neck, to stimulate their partner. It also has the property to be uplifting to add confidence.

Ylang-ylang - Ylang ylang is a simlar scent to jasmine. It has been considered an aphrodisiac for a very long time and is associated with weddings and honeymoons. It is a very attractive, exotic natural essential oil.

Vanilla - Vanilla is a very sweet aroma that has aphrodisiac effect. It can be subtle, but is definitely not easily ignored. Pre-Colombian Indians thought this oil was so special that they used it for worshipping their Gods.

Clary Sage - This natural essential oil is great for boosting libidos. Clary sage has a nutty fragrance with fruity overtones, and will quickly improve the mood. Add a few drops to a massage oil, a diffuser in your room, or a few drops in a bowl to get you in the right mood.

Patchouli - Patchouli oil has been around for Centuries and regained popularity in the 1960s. Patchouli oil is an aphrodisiac that appeals to both men and women because of its strong, earthy aroma. It also is a good treatment for loss of libido and interest in sex and other sexual malfunctions.

Sandalwood - Sandalwood's aphrodiasiac properties have been recorded throughout history for thousands of year. It's sensual, oriental scent can be pungent and musty - but mixes well with other sweet scents such as rose, basil and lavender. Research scientists discovered sandalwood produces something similar to androsterone, or men's underarm perspiration. They believe sandalwood sends out unperceptable, but highly erotic, signals to the opposite sex.

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