Squalene is a seemingly ordinary, yet secretly miraculous moisturizing ingredient.  It s a luxurious beauty agent that has long been glorified by the ancients!  Squalene s prevalence in the world might seem to signify that it s too common, but in reality this aspect only speaks to Squalene's prolific nature and why it is such a cornerstone in moisturizing products.

Squalene delivers the real goods on beauty.  It adds moisture, increases skin elasticity, smooths out wrinkles and reduces scars.  What s truly incredible about Squalene is that it is an anti-oxidant, oxygen producer and vitamin D synthesizer.

That means skin cells are protected from aging due to free radicals, they breathe more and start to vibrate with vitality, and they take on that Vitamin D golden shimmer! No wonder you find it in every lotion, cream and serum!  Squalene s long and storied past only lead to a deeper appreciation of this impressive emollient.  

Squalene has been around for 3.5 billion years!

Microbes during the Precambrian period were full of squalene and the fat was actually essential to their survival. Ancient Japanese shoguns venerated Squalene, calling the extract a special gift and cure-all. With this much evolutionary intelligence and history this epic and celebrated, it s a given that it goes into almost every skin product.

But there s a very simple, basic reason that Squalene is so frequently used. The human skin actually needs and produces it s own Squalene!

Effective personal care products, the one s that deliver luminous, incandescent results, work well because they operate according to the needs of the body. Applying Squalene externally helps the skin achieve a softer texture and smoother appearance because it s what the body wants and needs.

If you research the history of Squalene, you ll find that shark liver was the historic source of the extract.  These days, almost no company will produce a shark s liver squalene especially not RainShadow Labs.  At RSL, we re committed to a planet that is healthy and vibrant- and that means using ingredients that are sustainable, cruelty free and plant based.

Our impeccable Squalene is derived from Olive Oil and nothing else!  So you can enjoy the glittering effects of this ancient salve with a happy conscience.


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