Organic Herbal Infusion in Skin Care Products

The term infusion refers to the process of extracting the essence of a plant, its chemical compounds, or flavors by steeping it in a solvent for a period of time. Common solvents are water, alcohol or oil. The result is a liquid plant-based mixture that is referred to as an infusion. Brewing tea is a good example of infusing plant matter into a liquid. The beneficial properties of the plant can then be absorbed into the body through skin care products or through teas and other ingestible substances.

Some botanicals are better candidates for infusion than others. They must readily give up their chemical properties when placed in a solvent. Dried herbs, flowers or berries are good options. Boiling or heating the water they are being dissolved into can help speed the process along and produce better results in some cases where the additional heat won t ruin the properties of the plant. Depending on the intended use, the plant matter may be left behind in the mixture or strained out to leave a smoother substance behind. The time of steeping required depends on the botanicals being dissolved and can range anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks.

RainShadow Labs uses the process of organic herbal infusion in almost every mixture that is produced in our labs. Some of the most common botanicals used include:

Aloe Vera: The green gel produced from this succulent aids in anti-aging and rapid healing. It is great for relieving sunburns, toning the skin, and shrinking pores.

Gotu Kola: Also great for anti-aging, this plant is known to stimulate collagen production and cell manufacturing in the skin. Gotu Kola also stimulates cardiovascular rejuvenation for improved circulation and wound healing.

Horsetail: Silica is found in its most concentrated natural form in horsetail. Silica ia a building block for hair, skin, and nails, and can be a source of calcium for the body.

Geranium: The fragrant rose geranium is the source of this amazing substance that is a great product for the skin. It has regenerative properties that are good for scars, burns, and wounds.

Dandelion: Though most people view the dandelion as only a weed, it s actually one of the most useful botanicals in existence and it s readily available to everyone. A strong antioxidant, dandelion can protect against the free radicals that cause aging. It has also been linked to improving or curing conditions like cancer and AIDS.

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