Planning the Perfect Party

I bet when you hear the words perfect hostess you picture someone you know.  This person is maybe a friend or family member that always seems to throw the best parties.  You have also maybe wondered why their parties are always a hit, when other parties youve been to, or thrown yourself, seem to flop.  The secrets to planning the perfect party are actually quite simple! Here are 3 tips for making your next shin-dig a smash.

The first thing you want to do is pick a theme for your party.  A theme is the reason for the party.  It should be what the party surrounds or the main event though its usually quite simple.  A theme can be anything from a movie/TV show, to a game/craft, or even as simple as a color.  Once the theme is determined, the next task is to decide on an activity or event which coordinates with the theme.

So lets do an example.  Lets say you want to host a party for a few girl friends. You choose a Spa Theme for your gathering.  A great activity for a spa themed party would be natural soap making for example.

Natural soap making is a great craft for an intimate gathering.  Choosing a craft like natural soap making is a good choice because it gives your guests something fun to do and makes everyone feel comfortable.  You can easily learn about natural soap making in a variety of books and online websites.

Another important part of any good party is the food!  Whither you plan to serve light snacks, or a full meal, your food should tie in with your theme. But even more importantly than that, be sure to have enough food for your party.  Always plan for more food than you think youll need.  An easy way for a party to flop is for food to run out.  This will embarrass the host and make the guest feel unwelcomed.

Take for instance our Spa Night example above.  A spa menu typically includes healthy foods.  What you pick for edibles will also depend on your guests and your personal preferences as well.  You may decide on healthy choices like fruit platters, a sushi bar, or wrap sandwiches.  Top these items off with chic tooth picks and youll have your guests oohing and ahhhing.  Matching the food with the theme helps to really pull your party together.

The theme and the food are essential to a party, but the most important tip for planning the perfect party is the hostess herself.  Its important to be fresh upbeat for your guests.  If your company senses that you are frazzled or worn out, they wont be having fun; theyll be worrying about you.

In summary, always make sure you have a purpose or theme for your party.  Remember to center the food on your theme and make sure there is enough. Then relax, put on a smile and enjoy your own bash!

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