Private Label Cellulite Remedies

healthy skinCellulite is one of the most difficult and frustrating skin complaints to deal with. One of the reasons for this is because it can come from a combination of reasons that can be hard to pinpoint right away. Whether it be an internal or externally based issue, some people really struggle to get their cellulite under control. And for the private label skincare savvy, it can be a bit of a maze trying to find the best ingredients to help heal and prevent cellulite from occurring. Thankfully, RainShadow Labs has got you covered.

One of the best private label skincare ingredients for healing cellulite is MSM. This is because it is an absolutely essential ingredient in the rebuilding and healthy maintenance of the skin s cellular structure. MSM is actually already present in the tissues of your eyes, hair, nails, skin and connective tissue. It is thus already extremely easy for the body to absorb and utilize, and when used for cellulite it goes into the skin and instantly begins to restructure and repair the damaged and dimpled tissue of cellulite. MSM also helps to drive other ingredients deeper into the tissue, making them more effective and synergistic. MSM can be included in private label creams, lotions, serums and gels for daily prevention and reduction of unsightly cellulite.

Another private label skincare ingredient to be used for cellulite is plant peptides. Though most people know them as ingredients to fight wrinkles and repair and produce collagen, the same properties that make them successful wrinkle and sagging corrective ingredients also make them perfect for fighting cellulite. Plant peptides go into the skin and start to plump and smooth the dimpled and collagen depleted tissue of cellulite. When used in conjunction with MSM, the cellulite is targeted from a deep, structural layer that heals it from the inside out.

Another important aspect of healing cellulite is increasing circulation to the affected area and replacing the stagnant and toxin-filled lymph with fresh and oxygenated lymph and nutrition via the blood. For this purpose, a private label skincare ingredient such as Niacinamide is needed to bring plenty of healthy circulation to the stagnant, cellulite-ridden pocket of tissue. When combined with MSM and plant peptides, the result is a seriously effective and comprehensive cellulite busting skincare formula that works.

Whether you are looking to heal your own cellulite or update your current private label skincare offerings to better serve your customer base, be sure to consider these three cellulite healing ingredients when formulating your dimple repair product.

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