Private Label Cream vs. Gel

What makes a private label skincare retailer choose between a cream and a gel? What makes a private label skincare manufacturer choose between making a cream and a gel? Are they really as different as we may think? Is the difference between them purely textural, or are there product efficacy differences to take into account as well? When it comes to the itty bitty details like this, it can seem either overwhelming or unimportant. However, don t let yourself get overwhelmed and rest assured that little details like this actually do matter. So, what s the solution to our cream vs. gel debacle?

One thing to keep in mind when making this distinction, whether you are in the process of formulating your own line or deciding what kind of product to buy, is that a cream will typically be more rich in its texture than a gel. This is important to keep in mind if you or a large part of your customer base live in a hot, sticky climate because using a heavier private label skincare product will most likely not be the most comfortable choice. However, the exact opposite could be true if you and/or your customer base live somewhere that is cold and dry since heavier products tend to feel more soothing in weather like that.

Another think to keep in mind is that creams are typically more rich in lipids than gels are, and in turn gels usually contain ingredients like cucumber or Aloe Vera gel as their bases. This means that if you are formulating or looking to buy a private label skincare product and you have drier skin, a cream would probably be your best bet. Similarly, if you have more oily skin a lighter, Aloe based gel would probably be the better choice for your skin type and needs.

Additionally, if you are looking at buying or formulating a product that is geared toward making the muscles and joints feel good and soothed, a gel type formula might be a better idea because it won t go on like a thicker cream but will instead go onto the area light and be quickly absorbed by the skin. As you can see, a simple decision like this is actually quite important. Whether you re looking to have your own private label skincare line or you just want to make sure you re buying the right product for your needs, choosing between a cream or a gel can, in some cases at least, make or break your product satisfaction.
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