Private Label Essential Oils for Christmas

Christmas is a time of warmth. A time of sweetness and just the right hint of spice to make things feel festive and bright. Whether you live somewhere with snow and pine trees, lots of rain and year round green, or gently sunny temps in the 60 s, the mood of the year changes as Christmas comes around. And with that change comes characteristic smells of the season. Cinnamon, Clove, Pine and Spruce are just a few of the smells that come with Christmas territory. And what better way to get in the festive spirit than by changing up your essential oil routine!

Whether you re an avid diffuser user, essential oil wearer or DIY private label essential oil blender, the warm, spicy and refreshing scents of Christmas aren t always smells we use year round. It s easy to become accustomed to the popular smells of Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint and we forget there s a whole world of amazing essential oils to be explored! Here are some of our favorite essential oils for the Christmas season:

Cypress essential oil has a lovely comforting quality to it that makes it perfect for the sometimes hectic winter holidays. Its aroma is herbaceous and reminiscent of evergreen- it thus goes well with other pine-like essential oils if you would like to experiment with blending.

Spruce essential oil is another Christmas favorite around here for many reasons, not the least of which is that it helps to heal and prevent respiratory issues and is thus a welcome essential oil ally during cold and flu season. Spruce essential oil helps to invigorate the entire body and has a fresh, slightly earthy scent.

Wintergreen is probably one of the most quintessential Christmas time aromas, and yet many people have probably never had the pleasure of using the actual oil! This is a wonderful essential oil to diffuse for soothing tension and spreading holiday cheer.

It wouldn t be Christmas without Cinnamon, and the gorgeous spicy-sweet smell of this essential oil is fantastic diffused throughout the house for warmth, comfort and festivity. It is also very effective at killing harmful bacteria and is thus another great essential oil to have on hand to help combat the colds and flus that come during the holidays.

Don t let the stress of Christmas prep and entertaining get to you. You can be festive and stress free with the help of some of our favorite Christmas essential oils. In your diffuser, alone or used in a blend, try some private label Cypress, Spruce, Wintergreen or Cinnamon to brighten and spice up your holiday.
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