Private Label Italian Clementine Essential Oil

We already have a pretty extensive citrus essential oil selection here at RainShadow Labs, but when given the opportunity we just couldn t turn down bringing on another one. Having a little bit of liquid sunshine in a bottle is one of our favorite things, and let me tell you, our newest addition to our citrus family is exactly that. Our Italian Clementine essential oil is yet another superior quality, food grade and cold pressed citrus essential oil that smells of sweet sunshine and brings that same light into your day with every whiff. Private label skincare products and homemade skincare will benefit greatly from this gently calming and gorgeous smelling oil.

There s no need for chemical fragrances when you ve got essential oils like Clementine. Whether diluted in a carrier oil blend or other private label skincare products like body butters and even facemasks, the smell coming from your products will be nothing short of heavenly. And while we all want private label skincare that is effective and delivers visible and long lasting results, it s always an added bonus to smell fantastic along the way. 

The bright and sweet smell of Italian Clementine offers an aroma therapeutic bouquet that promises a calm mind, relaxed spirit and bright outlook. One application softly soothes the nervous system for a private label skincare and aroma therapeutic experience that not only fosters beautiful skin, but a beautiful sensory experience as well. It also helps those who suffer from insomnia, probably due to its nervous system calming nature. If you make your own essential oil blends or botanical perfumes, take note that Italian Clementine blends beautifully with other citrus oils as well as with oils of a more floral nature. Consider blending it with Jasmine, Rose or Yuzu for a truly uplifting and heart opening experience. 

Whether you re interested in soaps, essential oil blends, private label skincare or some simple at-home aromatherapy, Italian Clementine essential oil is one you most definitely want to have in your collection. It brings a calming energy to formulas that only serves to add to the already blissful experience of using it. When diluted appropriately it is safe to use all over the body, and as such is great for massage oils since it is so effective in bringing about a sense of calm and peace. Whether you decide to blend it in with your private label skincare or use it on its own, this delight of an oil won t disappoint.
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