Private Label Lip Ingredients

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  • What are some of the best ingredients for private label lip care? While there are many different private label skincare ingredients that benefit the lips, one category of ingredients is absolutely essential to everyday lip care: carrier oils.
  • What are carrier oils? Carrier oils are non-volatile plant oils that moisturize, heal and protect the skin. Whereas essential oils are extremely potent and only a few drops are needed to enhance a private label skincare formula, carrier oils are what make up the bulk of the formula and are gentle enough to use in large, un-diluted amounts.

  • What are some of the best carrier oils for lip care? When formulating your private label lip product(s), you want the texture to be easily spreadable without being too thin and runny. Because of this, substances like beeswax and Shea butter are good to use because they both are rich emollients and also help to stabilize the lip balm. Other carrier oils that are good for the lips include olive oil, rosehip seed oil, Tamanu oil and Coconut oil.

  • Are there any ingredients I should avoid in my private label lip care? Any ingredient that would cause irritation and/or dryness should be avoided. However, this will vary a bit from person to person. For example, some people really like to use Castor oil on their lips, while others find it to be a bit drying. As long as you stick to natural, gentle and moisturizing plant oils, your product should be just fine.

  • Can I use any essential oils in my private label lip care? Yes, in small amounts essential oils can add anti aging and aroma therapeutic properties to your lip care. Because they are so potent, you will only need a little bit to reach your desired effects.

  • Where can I learn more? You can learn more on the RainShadow Labs website by perusing our ingredient dictionary or speaking with someone on our custom formulations team.

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