Private Label Skincare Gift Ideas

For the Beauty Queen: Vitamin C Serum. Whether your beauty queen is a budding beauty or seasoned woman, a high quality and organic vitamin c serum offers some of the most comprehensive, long lasting and effective anti aging skincare benefits you can find. Wrinkle prevention and reversal, sun damage healing, collagen production and the refinement of rough texture are all benefits of regular application of private label vitamin C serum. 

For the Hard Worker: Yuzu Essential Oil. Why? Because this essential oil brings about a gentle wind of calm and relaxation with as little as one sniff. Originally from Japan, this citrus fruit is often added to spa baths where soakers sit and can let their troubles drift away on the aromatic waves of Yuzu. This is perfect for those who like to take baths or have a diffuser, but can also simply be dabbed on the temples for some much needed and virtually instant calm and relaxation.

For the Grump: Coconut Milk and Honey Soak. For the resident grump in your life that just needs to take a timeout and chill. Coconut milk and honey gently soften and hydrate the skin while mineral rich soaking salts help to relax and nourish the skin, muscles and heart of your uptight loved one. 

For the New Mom: Sugar Scrub. Let s face it- moms rarely get a break to take a shower, especially when their baby s brand new. So when she does finally get a little window of time to herself, help her make it extra special with this decadent and skin healing Shea butter based sugar scrub. Organic sugar gently exfoliates and polishes away dead skin cells while the raw Shea butter nourishes, moisturizes and hydrates for an all over body and self care experience that she could really use right about now.

For the Animal Lover: Castile Soap. We know, this sounds a little strange. But seriously, when it comes to bathing pets AND preventing fleas, liquid castile soap is the way to go. Cost effective, long lasting and non-toxic, it helps keep the complicated out of pet care. You can choose between castile soap that has Lavender and Peppermint essential oils or simply plain, and it is most definitely worth noting that Peppermint essential oil helps to naturally prevent fleas without having to resort to harsh chemicals. Oh yeah, and it smells great too.

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