Private Label Smooth Skin Ingredients

smooth skin
Smooth skin- we all want it, we all love it. We admire it on newly born babies, apply makeup to try and make our own skin look more smooth and spend countless hours looking for the perfect private label skincare product to make our cheeks just a little more smooth. Promising miracle products isn t something we do here. What we can do is tell you about some of our favorite smooth skin ingredients for use in every day skincare. Whether you ve got dry cheeks, redness, wrinkles, or just want to maintain the complexion and texture you already have, take a look at some of our favorite smooth skin super stars:
Alpha Hydroxy Acids: otherwise knows as AHA s, these private label skincare ingredients are derived from fruits and are favorites of skincare professionals like estheticians for their wide range of applications and intensities. Some products contain very strong solutions of AHA s that are used as more intensive skin products intended to make the skin peel. This is typically used by estheticians with clients who have scars and other textural issues. For every day use, less intense AHA s such as Glycolic Acid are a better option and can help you with the same goals. You can find them in scrubs, serums, lotions and masks and instead of causing your skin to peel, the AHA s will simply go to work in your skin promoting the production of collagen, new skin cells and the dissolution of the dead, scaly skin above.
Carrier oils: this category is a little broad, but only because there are so many great plant oils included in it! The beauty with cold pressed carrier oils is that you have a ton of room to experiment with different ones to see what works best for you. You can choose to blend them with other oils, use them alone or create the bases of your private label skincare products with them. You will find that some oils have a higher tendency to clog pores while others do not, but always pay attention to the way your own skin responds. Many private label skincare products contain at least one of either a carrier oil or AHA, and some contain both. If you like you could make a point of using a weekly mask that features a high quality carrier oil like Jojoba and a gentle AHA like Glycolic Acid, or you could choose to go with a daily AHA face wash. Whatever you choose, we think you ll be pleasantly surprised at the efficacy of these smooth skin ingredients.
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