Private Label Tattoo Care

Do you have any tattoos? If you do, then you know that they require special care and maintenance particularly when they re fresh and new. And while there are plenty of tattoo care creams on the market, they don t always have the best ingredients. While it is important to protect your tattoos, it s also important that they receive substances to assist them on their quick, smooth recovery. Thankfully, there are private label skincare oils that perfectly help fresh tattoos.

One of the best tattoo private label skincare oils is Coconut. Because it spreads easily on the skin, has a nice and light texture and gentle Coconut aroma, it very well might be one of the most enjoyable private label oils to use on your tattoos. Coconut oil is full of soothing essential fatty acids that help your tattoo quickly and comfortably. 

Another great private label skincare oil for tattoo care is raw Shea butter. Because the texture of Shea butter is thicker than Coconut oil, it is easiest to apply to your tattoo when it s warm and soft, after you ve taken a shower so your skin is warm, or if it s been whipped into a light and airy texture. You can also mix it with another thinner oil such as Coconut for double the action.

Golden Jojoba oil is also wonderful for tattoo care, and is very easily absorbed and utilized by the skin because of its similar chemical composition to that of your skin s own sebum. It is very rich in the full spectrum of vitamin E, soaks in easily and doesn t feel greasy. It is also an incredibly stable skincare oil and thus you do not need to worry about it going rancid.

With options like these, private label tattoo care can be easy, effective and economical. It s pure plant ingredients that you can feel good about. Whether you choose Coconut oil, Shea butter, Jojoba or a combination of them all, private label skincare oils can give your new tattoo everything it needs.
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