Put Some Sunshine In Your Line With Lime Essential Oil

Sunny, sweet, and perfectly sour lime is a fun and effective citrus essential oil for your private label and DIY needs. A bit sweeter than lemon, but with many of the same applications, lime essential oil is wonderful for use in skin tightening, anti aging, disinfecting and sadness-fighting formulas.

The lime is said to have originated in ancient Babylonia and the seeds were then spread from there all over the world. The vitamin C in limes was used to help combat scurvy among sailors during long ocean voyages and the ancient Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda uses lime to help treat digestive issues. For your private label aromatherapy needs, lime essential oil has a truly pleasing aroma that is lovely used as is, or in blends designed to uplift and brighten one s mood.

Citrus is a favorite for cleaning and disinfecting solutions, and lime essential oil is no exception to this category. The natural antibacterial and antiseptic qualities inherent in the oil make lime a great addition to your house cleaning solutions, private label or otherwise. The smell will bring a much needed brightness to your home and a lightness to your mood, all while helping to keep your home  free of bacteria and bad odors.

And just as bacteria and a bad mood don t stand a chance when lime s around, drooping, sagging skin doesn t either. This tart green fruit is also an astringent and healthy circulation promoter. It helps to tighten and tone the muscles of the skin to help keep you looking young and fresh and your private label skin care formulas the best of the best. This same firming and toning application may also be extended to the gums, so a fun DIY tooth oil project at home may be in order! Because lime also provides a source of free radical fighting antioxidants, you may want to consider adding lime essential oil to your private label manufactured masks, scrubs, and other anti aging skincare.

Whatever you choose to use it for, lime essential oil brings along a bright and gentle sweetness that you can t help but revel in. Its multidimensional and depression lifting properties turn cleaning your home and exfoliating your face into an impromptu and instantly elevating aromatherapy session. So mix up your private label formulas and make a little room on your essential oils shelf for delightfully tart, sweet and sunshine-y lime.

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