RainShadow Labs and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is an organization whose goal is to plant 18 billion fruit trees, the equivalent of 3 fruit trees for every person on the planet. RainShadow Labs has partnered with this foundation to plant fruit orchards here in the United States in order to help them reach their goal and to help us to reach ours of remaining a sustainable company and reducing our carbon footprint. RainShadow Labs is committed to prioritizing the health of the earth throughout all of our operations.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
Producing high quality essential oils and botanicals requires a lot of raw plant material. In order to operate as a sustainable company, we need to give back to the earth everything we take from it. We plant multiple orchards of fruit trees each year in areas where they will have the biggest beneficial impact. Low income neighborhoods and Native American Reservations are a couple of examples of places where we choose to plant these orchards. All of the costs associated with plating these orchards (purchasing and transporting the trees, topsoil, fertilizer, irrigation, fencing, maintenance, etc.) is paid for by RainShadow Labs.

About The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation focuses their efforts around the globe in areas where it is most needed. Some of these sites include international hunger relief sites. city parks in low income neighborhoods, public schools, and animal sanctuaries. In this way, the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is doing what they can to aid in the care and nutrition of the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Why Fruit Trees?
Planting fruit trees is a way to provide organic nutrition to the communities where the orchards are placed as well as helping out the earth. Fruit trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and produce life-giving oxygen, cleaning the air as they go. Fruit trees also provide homes for animals, improve soil quality, and prevent erosion. Fruit trees attract water to an area that can be utilized by both people and animals. Fruit trees have a healing effect on both the environment and the people who benefit from their nutrition. Planting fruit trees sets an example for the younger generation of just one way that people can have a more harmonious relationship with nature.

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