RainShadow Lans: Natural Beauty Care

At RainShadow Labs, we believe in the alchemy of pure organic, natural ingredients.  When you use natural ingredients, the results are ten times more effective than even the most precisely designed synthetic counterpart!  There s a reason we offer you products designed with those values in mind: because they work better and are better for you.

RainShadow Labs concocts the richest Lotions and Cremes using only Mother Nature s materials.  Our popular Vitamin C Lotion is made with organic aloe leaf for powerful healing and hydration, organic coconut oil for moisture and conditioning, and of course plant-derived vitamin C for diminishing wrinkles and lightening spots!  

We re also big fans of our Coconut Milk and Honey Lotion that uses real honey and coconut milk, and our Ocean Mineral Moisturizer that includes a custom ocean mineral blend and organic blue-green algae!  We use only the most exquisite ingredients in our products to reveal your truest luminosity.

Bet you thought soap was just a wash and dry deal, huh?  Think again. Most soaps get you clean, but use ingredients that strip your skin of natural moisture. RainShadow Labs Body Washes use much gentler ingredients.  Our Anti-Oxidant Wash  uses a soothing blend of organic herbs, organic aloe, and distilled orange water to leave you clean and radiant.  Our Gentle Hair and Body Wash for Babies is so luscious with its blend of olive oil, rosehip oil and rosemary that you ll wish it was yours!  Our Botanical Foaming Gel washes away the grime of daily living with plant lipids and sugar derived cleansers and meets the "Whole Foods Premium Standard!

Think you have problem hair?  It might be your shampoo!  When treated right, your hair is easily your crowning glory just use the right products. Our Invigorating and Clarifying Shampoo uses tea tree oil, cilantro and chamomile to effectively clean out accumulated product without stripping.   Our Amino Acid Shampoo uses real silk proteins to strengthen your hair cuticles for great shine and manageability. You can follow up your wash with our Silky Conditioner or Amino Acid Conditioner.  When you start using real, natural ingredients you might be shocked by how beautiful your hair really is!

At RainShadow Labs, we believe in serving your beauty as well as the planet.  By offering all natural and organic products, we protect the well being of the earth and also offer you the best beauty treatments available.  When you start giving your body what it wants, you ll be wowed at how great you really look!  
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