Refresh Your Senses With Cypress Essential Oil

There is something so soothing and wonderfully therapeutic about hiking in the pine filled mountains- the crisp air wakes you up, the sun brightens your mood, and the minty fresh smell of pine and cypress trees illuminate your spirit. But for many of us, hiking in the mountains every day isn t an option. How can you transport that same invigorating experience into your everyday life? The answer: cypress essential oil.

Cypress essential oil is extracted from the needles of the cypress tree, and the Tibetans would use it with their incense to purify their internal and external environment. Cypress has been used for thousands of years as an aroma therapeutic ally when feelings of depression and sadness become too heavy to carry. The trees have often been associated with death, and are often found growing in cemeteries. Some have taken this symbolism to heart, and use the soothing and sadness fighting properties of cypress to help them cope with the passing of a loved one.

Cypress is also a very effective botanical astringent, and can be used to help bleeding gums and spider veins because of its vaso-constricting effects. From an anti aging standpoint, cypress is great because it tightens the skin, resulting in less sagging and a younger, more lively appearance. It is also used in private label skin care formulations that target the removal of cellulite.

If you are suffering from a cold or cough, phlegm in the throat, or general congestion, cypress oil can help. Simply place a couple drops in a carrier oil of choice and rub on the chest. Because it is an essential oil- and thus has antibacterial and antiviral components- the cypress will also help to combat any respiratory, throat, or sinus related infection that accompanies the congestion. Additionally, cypress essential oil will serve to lift your spirits when you are sick and stuck inside- once more transporting you to the pine filled mountains you love.

Cypress essential oil is here to transport you back to the fresh and rejuvenating pines of the mountains. It takes away your heavy sadness, and replaces it with a light heart and calm mind. Use it to relieve circulatory stagnation as well, and watch as your spider veins, cellulite, and saggy skin respond right away. Clear your cold, cough and scratchy throat, and include the oil in your diffusing blend to keep your home feeling and smelling fresh and clear.

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