These days, we tend to only trust something if it has been manufactured in a high-tech lab.   But the
RESISTEM extract proves Mother Nature still has the best chemistry set in town.  

RESISTEM in an extract from the Globularia Cordifolia flower.  If you want supple, smooth and younger skin, you ll never find anything more potent than Globularia Cordifolia!

The Globularia Cordifolia flower is a dainty, petite blossom with a spherical head of periwinkle petals.  The name is hard to say: Glo-bu-LA-ria Cor-di-FO-lia.   But the challenge of this name isn t nearly as difficult as the plant s native environment!

The Globularia Cordifolia s natural habitat is the treacherous, unforgiving mountain regions of Europe.  This dwarflike, perennial green clings to craggy peaks where temperatures can drop up to 22 degrees below zero and snow can fall year-round.  This is one hardy plant! It s this resiliency that makes Globularia Cordifolia so potently anti-aging.

In order to bloom and thrive in these extreme conditions, the Globularia Cordifolia had to evolve.  Its evolutionary process resulted in plant cells that live comparatively forever, detoxify naturally and regenerate overnight.  When you take these elements in extract form and apply it to the skin, the results send people into total rhapsody.   

In controlled studies, when Globularia Cordifolia extract was added to face cream, it:

·        Revitalized dull skin by 67% (compared to the placebo)

·        Detoxified skin of accumulated wastes such as pollution, pesticides, smoke and chemical build up from cosmetics

·        Healed UV damage

·        Reduced skin inflammation and sensitivity by 23%

·        Stimulated accelerated regeneration

·        Increased the lifespan of skin cells

The extract reduced redness, improved the evenness of the complexion and restored its natural glow.  Essentially, extract from Globularia Cordifolia completely renewed the skin.

It seems far-fetched that a plant could have such miraculous properties. It sounds almost like a fairy tale story of a wounded warrior who is instantly healed by a local villager using only a handful of herbs.  But this isn t your mythical bedtime story.  It s the real, spectacular power of planet Earth.

At RainShadow Labs, we offer RESISTEM, a pure quality version of the Globularia Cordifolia extract.  RESISTEM is an incredible product because it has been crafted using the stem cells of Globularia Cordifolia in flower.  Using the stem cells, the regenerative and protective effects of the extract are increased.   When the skin starts to resonate with the bio-intelligence of RESISTEM, signs of aging start melting away.  

This stem cell extract of Globularia Cordifolia is brand new to the world and only available to limited producers.  We re one of them!  It s a supremely amazing additive to your Private Label Skin Care Line.  So call us and ask us more about it.

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