Roman Chamomile Essential Oil: Calm, Soothe, Renew

Chamomile is a quite popular and well-known herb, often consumed as a relaxing and child-friendly tea. What you may not know is that the essential oil of this remarkable little plant is full of therapeutic qualities, and can be utilized in private label skincare and aromatherapy. Whether you would like to relax and calm down, or heal some scars and regenerate your skin, Roman Chamomile essential oil is there to help.

There are actually multiple kinds of Chamomile and though their chemistries are definitely similar, they do vary. Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile are the most popular and widely known, with Roman being the more relaxing of the two. German Chamomile is known for its distinct blue hue that can be attributed to the presence of a compound known as Azulene.

Roman Chamomile essential oil contains compounds that help to alleviate depression and sadness and this quality is one of the plant s most popular uses. On the flip side, Chamomile can also serve to provide a more sedating quality to the psyche by replacing feelings of anger and annoyance with a gentle sense of calm. Chamomile is also an effective nervine, which means that it promotes the health of the entire nervous system. It can be used in the diffuser, or placed neatly on the temples or nape of the neck for this purpose. It also has a wonderfully sweet and slightly hay-like aroma, making it a pleasurable natural perfume option.

As a natural skin care enhancing essential oil, Roman Chamomile provides relief from inflammation and promotes the regeneration of skin, making it wonderful for use in anti aging formulations. Because it contains potent antibacterial and anti-infectious properties, it can also be used to assist in the healing of skin abrasions, cuts, abscesses, and acne, while its soothing properties make it useful for healing burns, rashes, and bruises.

Essential oils are always a joy to use, but Chamomile takes this joy to a very literal level, as it inspires peace and calm in a mind once preoccupied by anger and stress. And just as it calms the spirit, it also calms the skin, banishing irritations and red-tinged infections for good. Roman Chamomile lends a sweet note to the oil blends and private label skin care formulations it s included in, bringing sweet relief and regeneration to the skin and to the mind.

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