Rosehip Seed Oil For Your Private Label

Even though a high quality carrier oil can do wonders for the skin, many people are actually afraid of using oils on their skin because they don t want their face to feel oily, or to have to wait around while the oil sinks in. And it is for these people that Rosehip Seed Oil is such a saving grace. Not only does it boast a nourishing essential fatty acid profile, but it also wastes no time in sinking into the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and oil slick free.

Rosehip Seed oil is considered to be a dry oil because of how quickly it is absorbed by the skin. This makes it ideal for use on its own, and as an ingredient in private label skincare. It has a beautiful pinkish-orange hue, with a soft, pleasant smell and potent antioxidant activity that makes it as useful as a wrinkle fighter as it is a moisturizer.

Rosehip Seed oil has been extensively documented as having profound scar healing and tissue regenerative abilities, in part to due its vitamin A content. For private label skincare products that aim to heal damaged skin and prevent the onset of premature aging and wrinkles, Rosehip Seed oil is a must. It assists with skin cell regeneration and helps to promote the formation of collagen and restoration and maintenance of elastin within the skin. This translates into skin that stays plump and firm even in the face of potential inflammatory and aging factors.

Rosehip Seed oil is also very gentle, and is thus a great option for people with sensitive skin. It helps to dramatically reduce the appearance of and heal scars and dark spots, as well as fine lines and other signs of premature aging. It makes an excellent addition to private label skincare products such as serums and healing masks because of its fast absorption rate and high efficacy when it comes to healing otherwise difficult skin issues. Rosehip Seed oil can also be used in private label hair products to help prevent split ends and frizz, and to assist in the balancing of oil production on the scalp.

Rosehip Seed oil is a potent regenerative, anti aging, and balancing skin care oil that soaks in fast, isn t greasy, and delivers results that shine. Include it in your private label skincare formulations to maximize the healing and reduction of scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, dryness, and premature aging.

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