Rub Your Face with Flowers

Flowers may be one of the best representations of beauty and grace. Soft, fragrant and strong all at once, it s no wonder they make such potent and effective private label skincare ingredients. While each flower contains its own unique components that make it valuable for skincare, one of our favorites is the Hibiscus flower. Loaded with anti aging and regenerative vitamin C, the ground and dried up petals of this gorgeous flower put a new twist on the otherwise humdrum activity of exfoliation. Whether you use this purple powder on its own or in a private label skincare formula, you re sure to revel in the results.

One of the most unique attributes of Hibiscus is that it is a natural and gentle source of AHA s. AHA s help to increase skin cell turnover, increase collagen production and gently slough away dead and rough skin. While some people find that chemical versions of AHA s are too strong, Hibiscus will not cause such a problem. Thus, by using Hibiscus fibers in your private label skincare you are effectively creating a 2-in1 exfoliator that removes dead skin from manual scrubbing as well as from the gentle action of the AHAs.

Hibiscus is also very high in vitamin C, and this reason alone makes Hibiscus a very valuable private label skincare ingredient. Vitamin C is an absolute super star ingredient for anti aging and does virtually everything you would want it to. It fades dark spots, increases collagen, tones and reduces wrinkles and fine lines along with scavenging and eliminating free radicals that would otherwise lead to even more aging and oxidative damage.

The combination of vitamin C along with the gently exfoliating and anti aging AHAs is absolutely phenomenal for helping to keep the skin young and reversing damage, whether it be severe or mild. To top it off, Hibiscus has a lovely smell and gorgeous color, so no matter the private label skincare products you add it to, they are guaranteed to look, smell and feel fabulous. The result of a skin care routine that includes vitamin C and AHA rich Hibiscus fibers is gently toned, exfoliated and cared for skin that is glowing, smooth and perfectly plump.

Effective skincare does not have to be complicated. On the contrary, it can be simple and easy. Bring some of that simplicity and ease into your own private label skincare line and routine with Hibiscus fibers for a happy face, and happy customers.

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