Scared of AHA's? Don't Be.

Are you afraid of using Alpha Hydroxy Acids on your skin? Perhaps you ve been told that if you use them you won t be able to go out into the sun because you will be too sensitive and burn. Many people have been told this or read it somewhere, and while it is true that AHA s can increase your skin s level of photosensitivity, if used correctly and in the right concentrations, the risk of burning as a result of their use is not enough to warrant avoiding the sun or not using them at all. Here s how to use AHA s the right way, without worry:

Use them once a week, in an enzyme mask. While many people like to use AHA cleansers, if you are seriously worried about becoming photosensitive but still want to reap the benefits from their regular use, then go with a gentle enzyme mask that includes some AHA s. This way, your skin will still experience their plumping, softening and resurfacing effects without the development of any serious sun sensitivity. For example, an exfoliating mask with pineapple enzymes and a small concentration of lactic acid would be a great way to exfoliate, hydrate and plump up the skin once a week without going overboard in the sun sensitivity department.

But what if you still don t want to use AHA s? While using them in a small concentration once a week is an effective strategy, perhaps you want to keep things as simple as possible and stick to good, old fashioned regular exfoliation. If that s the case, then a regular enzyme mask will do. And by regular, we don t mean bland, drab, ineffective or boring. We mean simple, clean and effective. And we recommend an enzyme mask over a manual exfoliating private label skincare product because they are generally more gentle on the skin than physical scrubbing agents.

When choosing your mask, be it with AHA s or without, choose one with a clean product base, like aloe, for example. Also look for other beneficial actives like antioxidants such as green tea extract and other anti aging ingredients like essential oils. That way, your mask will be a complete anti aging skincare product regardless of whether or not you chose to have AHA s included. And because AHA s are so effective when it comes to anti aging, you definitely want those other ingredients to be included if you decide to go AHA free.

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