Scrub Your Morning Puffiness Away

Have you ever woken up in the morning to a puffy face? Swollen eyes and super-sized cheeks, while rather cute on a little child, aren t exactly the most ideal way to start the day. So what are you to do? With a little love and some anti inflammatory and circulation generating private label skincare, you can easily free your face from the puffy grogginess of too-early mornings, late nights and- let s face it, sometimes just a regular work day.

While some people have inflammation and puffiness in their skin and faces due to things like food allergies, having occasional puffiness is pretty normal and can be easily remedied with intelligent private label skincare and ingredients. And one of the easiest ways to do it is to gently give your face a morning scrub with anti inflammatory and circulation encouraging ingredients. This could be a gentle scrub you ve purchased, like our Blueberry Oxygenating facemask, or something you ve made yourself.

In order to avoid your scrub being harsh, use private label skincare scrubbing ingredients like Hibiscus fibers, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and clay. That way, your skin is gently enlivened and circulation is increased, all without scratching or irritating your skin. Additionally, you want to look for anti inflammatory ingredients like vitamin C, MSM and essential oils such as Lavender and Seabuckthorn to soothe and deflate while simultaneously delivering beneficial anti aging properties to your skin.

For example, a simple and easy DIY puffiness-be-gone morning scrub recipe could consist of a mixture of clay, Seabuckthorn and Lavender essential oil mixed into your preferred texture and used whenever you feel like your skin, and day, need a little extra life breathed into them. If you have your own private label skincare line, consider the potential of a gentle morning wake up scrub for when you formulate and market your scrubs, as well as when looking at future product development. 

While a proper private label skincare regimen will effectively prevent things like chronic puffiness from happening, sometimes you might just stay up a little too late for your own good and need a little morning boost. That s where your morning scrub comes in. Gentle, effective, and very DIY friendly, take your skin from sad, tired and puffy to glowing, dewy and fresh with a simple morning ritual and some private label skincare ingredients ready to go, exactly when you need them.
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