The ocean is the birthplace of life.  In this aqueous cauldron over 3.5 billion years ago, the elements that would eventually make up all bio-material on the planet were starting to percolate.  To this day, the seas are swimming with a rich diversity of plant and animal organisms.  And on the craggy shores of such crisp, nutrient rich oceans, grows Sea Fennel.

Fed by the silica in the sand and the immense amounts of nutrients carried by ocean waters and breezes, Sea Fennel (known in the Private Label Personal Care world by it s scientific name: Crithmum Maritimum) has long been honored for its many purposes.  Today, the extract of Sea Fennel is one of THE best skin care ingredients for anti-aging and over-all skin strength and luster.

Sea Fennel Extract enables the epidermis to regain its youth and vitality and improves radiance and tone.  The secret of this blue-green, beauty-bestowing plant is its rich, bio-available nutrients!

Sea Fennel Extract is often considered a plant alternative to Retinol but we think of it as an upgrade! Retinol and, more generally, retinoids are synthetic versions of Vitamin A.  Used in many skin care products to refine texture and boost the appearance of glow, synthetic Retinoids are actually only partially effective because their nourishment isn t bio-available.

Synthetic ingredients are lacking natural synergists that make themselves recognizable to the body.  When a vitamin, mineral, protein or what have you, enters the body as a synthetic, the body does not realize it is there, because it does not contain the natural counterparts that normally accompany it and help activate it. The result is that the nutrient goes unprocessed and unused.

Sea Fennel, which is lush with radiance-delivering sea-minerals, vitamins A, C, E, amino acid peptides, pigments and polyphenols, can effectively stimulate skin renewal and boost collagen and elastin because those nutrients are bio available! They come in a package the skin understands and knows how to process and integrate.  The result is harmony and the highest manifestation of beauty!

As Private Label experts, we recommend incorporating Sea Fennel Extract into any product you want to see vitalize and beautify the skin.  Add this miracle worker to masks, cleansers, creams, lotions, eye-creams, serums, gels, sun products and after-sun products.

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