Should You Be Layering Your Skincare Serums?

Layering and mixing products, especially serums, has become a popular skincare trend lately. It might seem like a good idea with all the high-performance skincare serums on the market these days. Why not add them together to give your skin all the benefits? While I understand the appeal of this approach, unfortunately, the reality is that you may not be enhancing your skincare routine as much as you think. So let's break down why layering your serums might not be the most beneficial for your skin and what to do instead. 

What Is A Serum?

A serum is a skincare product that is used after cleansing the skin and before your moisturizer. A serum intends to deliver active ingredients to the skin with its smaller molecular structure. It boosts your skincare regimen and targets specific skincare concerns. Goodbye, sad looking skin! 

What You Need To Know About Layering & Mixing Your Serums

Layering multiple active ingredients with different serums may be tempting but remember, your skin can only absorb so much all at once. Just like a sponge, it can only absorb so much water before the water starts pouring over. Our skin eventually does this as well. Trust me, when you use multiple serums in your regimen, it's doing more harm than good and a waste of money. Another risk of layering too many active serums in your regimen is a feeling of irritation and compromising your skin barrier.

How To Use Multiple Serums

Instead of using multiple serums at once, I recommend using serums in rotation and focusing on one specific need each morning and evening. For example, try using a retinol serum for a few nights and then try using a stem cell serum the next few nights. You will see benefit from rotating your serums rather than using them all at once and overwhelming the skin. Using a resurfacing serum (like retinol) then using another serum with stem cells and antioxidants work effectively for fresh skin to ensure it s getting what it needs for a healthy looking complexion.  

If you are looking to add a serum into your skincare regimen but aren't sure where to start, I recommend a stable and potent vitamin C serum. A vitamin C serum holds a high concentration of antioxidants and promotes a bright, clear, and youthful looking complexion.

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