Skin Type: Is It Real, Or Is It Hype?

Skin TypesWe ve all seen commercials, billboards and even private label skincare products that talk about skin type; cleansers for dry skin, masks for redness and lotions for the oily crew abound. Maybe you even believe that you have a certain skin type. And to a certain extent, you d be right. But the world of skincare does not stop at a perceived skin type. In fact, there is so much more to consider that actually has an impact on your skin that to stop at the belief that your skin is oily or dry or combination is to do yourself a huge disservice! So, when considering your own skincare needs and wants, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Your skin wants to be in balance. When you go shopping for private label skincare and look for products to fix what you feel are the problems with your skin, think about balance. Don t focus so much on the problem, and instead focus on your skin in a state of harmony. Rather than focus on products for a problem, focus on products that bring your skin back into a state of balance and harmony.

Don t overdo it. Sometimes what your skin really needs is a break. A break from all the scrubbing, rubbing, squeezing and applying. Often times when someone thinks that they have very sensitive skin or complains about having redness, in reality they just need to lay off and let their skin do its thing and relax. If you have a tendency to always worry about your skin and are constantly adjusting your regimen, try just keeping it simple.

Quality matters. Really, it does- a lot. Pay close attention to the quality of the ingredients in your private label skincare. Do you know the brand s standards when it comes to their ingredients and production process? Poor quality products that result from poor quality ingredients can do not-so- friendly things to your skin, so take that into account when assessing your supposed skin type. A simple switch to a more pure skin care brand could mean big things for skin type balancing efforts.

When it comes down to it, we are all unique. We have different lifestyles, are different ages and are at different stages in our skincare journeys. Part of honoring your own uniqueness is recognizing all the ways that your skin communicates to you. Call it skin type if you like; just make sure to stay in tune with your skin s messages and don t worry about fitting into a certain type .
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