Spice Cake Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils provide the purest of scents, the clearest plant aromas and superior plant elixirs of elevation and inspiration. They give private label skincare formulas the edge they need to perform and compete in a crowded marketplace and among a growing number of consumers who care about what they put on their bodies and faces. Whether it s aromatherapy or skin nutrition you re after, essential oils take the cake when it comes to botanical extracts of pure plant power. Alone, they are fantastic. When combined, they are even better and meld together, playing off each oil s strengths to create a superior botanical blend. With the power of essential oil blends in mind, we ve created a new blend to add to our ever growing collection of custom essential oil combinations for scent and private label skincare. Aptly named Spice Cake and boasting the gentle sweetness of Vanilla and subtle spice of Ginger, it s the perfect scent for perfumery and private label skincare products.
We started this formula with pure Benzoin Resin for its earthy, deep base that grounds the blend and prevents it from swinging to any aromatic extreme. To follow is Peru Balsam oil, an exotic extract that comes from an evergreen tree that grows in Central and South America. Its aroma is mildly sweet with a warm balsamic undertone. After these two special oils comes our pure Vanilla absolute- and it s everything you would a Vanilla to be. To switch it up we put in some lively lemon essential oil for its fantastic brightness, Peppermint for its awakening ring and gorgeous ability to blend with the Vanilla, then Sweet Orange for a different take on those balancing citrus notes and of course, fresh Ginger essential oil to really put the spice in Spice Cake. This blend is not overpoweringly sweet or spicy, but rather warm, gentle and balanced. It s the perfect scent for private label body butters and scrubs, and can even be added to your custom candles. Whether you re using this blend for kids, the holidays or just need a sweet and slightly spicy scent to switch up your botanical perfume collection, Spice Cake is the scent for you. Pure, safe, balanced and multidimensional, we expect this new blend to be a mainstay of our collection, and yours too. Add a couple drops to your DIY lip balm or sugar scrubs, add it to your soaps or just dab it in the armpits for a truly natural and effective essential oil experience.
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