Supplies You Need When Making Your Own Soap

It can be very rewarding to make your own soap. However, there are different soap supplies that you need to have handy when making your own soap. Having the proper soap supplies is essential if you want to have a good experience.

Making lye soap can be fun. It also is a dangerous hobby since lye can burn like an acid if it touches your bare skin. Having the proper soap supplies can prepare you in case of any spills.

Vinegar works great to neutralize spills. Vinegar also stops lye from harming your table or other surfaces it comes in contact with if you use it quickly. Keep vinegar on hand as an added safety measure.

Use newspaper or other protective coverings to keep your table or work area safe. Do your work in a well ventilated area. The best way to make soap is to do it outside so you do not have to worry about toxic fumes if water and lye come in contact with one another.

Use plastic, wood or glass containers when making the soap. Lye does not work well with aluminum or copper pans. Keep safe supplies on hand to mix the soap mixture with as well. It is best to avoid using metal utensils as a precaution.

Try to keep the stirring spoons separate. Use sturdy plastic stirring spoons to do your stirring. Be sure to not mix the spoons up, but keep one for the oil and the other for the lye mixture.

Have your soap molds handy before you start working on the soap. You can use any type of molds you would like for the soap. Find a mold that suits your style. My favorites are plastic candy molds that fit the different seasons of the year.

Remember to keep other safety soap supplies on hand. Always wear gloves and protective eye wear. Oven mitts are important when making soap the heated way.

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