Sweeten Your Citrus With Tangerine Essential Oil

We love citrus. We love eating it, smelling it, and putting its essence in our diffusers and on our bodies. Everything from yuzu to lemon to grapefruit can get us in an emotional flurry of excitement, as each oil manages to bring a little ray of sunshine into our lives. One of our favorite, yet less well-known but extremely wonderful citrus oils is tangerine. This essential oil is a bright and delicately sweet citrus that provides an uplifting boost to one s mood, home, and private label skincare formulations.

Like other citrus essential oils, tangerine contains limonene, which makes it especially suited for use in household cleaners. Take a break from the typical orange or lemon scented household cleaning products, and add some tangerine essential oil to your private label cleaning solution. The smell will brighten your mood while the limonene and other antibacterial properties of the oil brighten your home.

Tangerine is also a wonderful essential oil to use in aromatherapy because it helps to create a gentle sense of euphoria accompanied by the reduction of nervousness, anxiety, anger, and even obsessive thinking. It is considered a very mild sedative, and some people choose to use it to help reduce inflammation of the body as well. And when it comes to private label skincare, ingredients that reduce and fight inflammation are absolutely key. This is because aging is largely caused by inflammation- it s what causes those extra fine lines on your forehead, that redness that you can t seem to get rid of, and the puffiness that just won t go down.

Tangerine essential oil not only helps fight inflammation, it also increases circulation to the skin. This valuable property of the oil has led many people to use it as a natural treatment for cellulite. Tangerine essential oil is also known for its anti-stretch mark qualities, so private label skincare formulas that include tangerine essential oil carry a delicious botanical bundle of emotional elevation, inflammation prevention, cellulite reduction, and stretch mark relief.

If you like feeling happy, smelling good, having a clean house and smooth skin, then you will love tangerine essential oil. It s such a fun addition to private label skincare and at-home essential oil collections and adds a wonderful note of playfulness to the products and collections it s included in. Diversify your private label ingredient decks with this delicate, delicious, and positively delightful essential oil.

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