Take A Calm and Refreshing Whiff of Private Label Yuzu Essential Oil

Do you love the smell of fresh citrus? It s as if the bright sunshine they grow under gets distilled right along with the essential oil! Many people are aware of the more common citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, and grapefruit, but there is another, less common citrus fruit that deserves some love and appreciation. Introducing yuzu essential oil. This bumpy little Japanese citrus fruit is packed with a bright and sweet citrus aroma that brings harmony and calm to a taxed nervous system and a stressed mind.

The aroma of yuzu has a delightful complimentary floral undertone that goes beautifully in your diffuser. Yuzu is especially renowned for calming and relaxing the nervous system, so aroma and massage therapists take note! It s also just as useful if you are busy and need some bright and gentle botanical assistance to help your mind come into a better place, have cranky children in the house, or need some help unwinding at the end of the day. Yuzu would make an excellent addition to your private label soaps and body scrubs, especially since both types of products are often best with bright and natural smells that are not overpowering.

And indeed, yuzu is not overpowering, yet needs no assistance from other oils to make an aroma therapeutic statement. This essential oil is wonderful when added to private label or wholesale essential oil blends, but don t bother diluting it with another citrus oil. Yuzu flawlessly represents for the citrus tribe, so if you are going to add it to a blend opt for something like rose, lavender, or frankincense instead. With that said, don t feel like you need to blend this oil at all! The smell is heaven, and can be used alone in private label skincare with no problem. Yuzu also contains free radical and wrinkle fighting anti oxidants, but it should be noted that, as is the case with all citrus essential oils, photosensitivity may occur.

So go ahead and mix it up a little. Make your private label line stand out with yuzu essential oil. It s anti aging, helps banish depression, and makes your home smell bright and sweet. Its scent is absolutely gorgeous, and its therapeutic properties lend themselves to everything from aromatherapy and private label massage oils, to private label skincare products such as soaps and scrubs. Enjoy!

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