Taking a Break at the Spa

Sometimes a girl just needs to pamper herself. A day spa can be a great opportunity. Here are some great spa treatments to try.

The Massage
Massages are wonderful. They are found in almost every spa, and price is usually determined on the type of massage and the time spent. Massages work to loosen up tense muscles and can be quite relaxing.


There are many types of massages that people can choose to do. They can relieve physical ailments or problems as well. When a massage is done right, your body can get detoxified and rejuvenated.


The Facial Facials are a very popular treatment. Steam, peels, masks and moisturizers are used to give your face a healthy pick-me-up. There are a lot of specialized facials that you can have done to you, such as acne treatments.


The Body Wrap The body wrap involves wrapping your body in natural substances, like seaweed or mud. You normally have the wrap around your body for about 20 30 minutes. Wraps detoxify your body.


Aromatherapy This has become a very popular option. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to treat and aid in relaxing the body. Essential oils can be used in other areas of the spa as well, such as in a lotion for the massage.


Microdermabrasion This treatment removes the top, outermost layer of your skin. This layer is dead skin, and leaves room to rejuvenate the healthy, underneath skin layers. Old skin can be make it hard for the newer skin to breathe, so it is important to remove the old skin so your skin can remain healthy.


These treatments are all fabulous, but they can quickly add up. If you need spa-treatment, try incorporating things you already have at home such as homemade soap. Soap making is a creative way to make sure you have gentle soap on your skin. Soap making allows you to find natural ways to exfoliate your skin and keep it healthy. Soap making also makes it possible for you to know exactly what ingredients are in your soap, so you know they are all natural and safe for you.

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