The 3 Best Ingredients for Uneven Looking Skin Tone (Plus a Recipe)

When it comes to popular skincare complaints, one of the most popular is uneven looking skin tone. This pervasive skin issue is not only unsightly and frustrating for those dealing with it, but it can also be incredibly difficult to get rid of, or even reduce. Part of the difficulty stems from the fact that uneven skin tone doesn't just come from one thing; it comes from many. Sometimes it's hormones, sometimes it's from medication someone needs to take, and sometimes it's from something else. It can also come as a result of that dreaded yet oh-so-popular bad habit, picking. While by no means an exhaustive list (considering all the different factors inherent in the occurrence of uneven looking skin tone), following is a list of some of the best botanicals used in private label skincare to help.

Frankincense: When it comes to private label skincare in general, frankincense is a superstar. A must to have on hand at all times. It's skincare properties are phenomenal as it so expertly keeps the skin looking and feeling smooth, plump, clear and glowing. 

Immortelle: Immortelle is another skincare superstar and those with uneven skin tone love it. It smoothes, soothes and harmonizes for the ultimate botanical beauty care.

Lavender: Lavender is the universal plant of the essential oil world. It helps to harmonize formulas and the skin alike, making it excellent for inclusion in virtually all kinds of blends and mixes.

To make your own uneven looking skin tone spot treatment, simply mix equal parts frankincense, immortelle and lavender essential oils and use once or twice a day on effected areas. These oils are typically safe to use neat on the skin, but if you would prefer to have them diluted, simply mix with a carrier oil of your choice. We love jojoba oil, but you could use everything from coconut to rosehip seed to shea butter and even a high quality sunflower oil.

You can also look for private label skincare products that feature frankincense, lavender and immortelle in their ingredient decks. Specifically, you might want to look out for products like active botanical serums, brightening serums and masks to deliver more concentrated care to your skin. Though it may not make it go away completely (depending on the cause) these ingredients can at least help.
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