The Best Plant Sources of Vitamin C for Your Skin

Vitamin C is a private label skincare powerhouse that works for young and aging skin alike. It helps to protect against and repair the negative effects of photo aging, which is something we all need to be aware of. Why? Because the causes are everywhere! Pollution, sunlight and even harsh and extreme weather all contribute to photo aging which manifests itself in the skin as fine lines, collagen loss and sagging. Vitamin C combats all of that by protecting against the free radicals generated by exposure to the various sources of photo aging, and by increasing the skin†s production of collagen. You can find vitamin C in your private label skincare in a number of different forms, and basically all of them come from plants. Here are some of the best:

If you thought oranges could give you a vitamin C boost, they're nothing compared to rosehips! You can use rosehips in your private label scrubs, washes, serums- basically anything! Additionally, you can get rosehips in your skincare via two different methods: the rosehips themselves or the oil from the seeds. Both are extremely therapeutic to the skin and both deliver high doses of botanically based vitamin C.

Seabuckthorn oil:
Considered by some to be the citrus of the north, seabuckthorn berries grow all over North America, and you can find them in places as cold and snowy as Ontario. Their brightly colored orange flesh yields an essential fatty acid rich oil that is like a true nectar of beauty for the skin. And as you might have guessed, it's very high in vitamin C. This luscious oil is applicable in a wide range of private label skincare products, while our favorite happens to be a serum, or used as is for oil cleansing.

Hibiscus: This beautiful tropical flower has more to offer than just its trademark color and petal arrangement. It provides another source of botanical vitamin C in your private label skincare, and one of the more interesting ways to use it is by incorporating the ground up petals in manual exfoliants. Not only does the color pop and look beautiful, but the texture is nice and fine while still delivering the kind of exfoliation you want- not to mention the vitamin C.

Whether you want to do a complete private label skincare revamp or you simply want to know if the skincare you already have contains plant based sources of vitamin C, look to these three vitamin C sources to get you started.

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