The Best Private Label Combos

It s really nice to have one private label skincare product that does multiple things: a serum that also moisturizes, a cleanser that also exfoliates, a night cream that also has AHA s- these are all great and make it that much easier to have an effective skincare regimen because you don t have to worry about having a different product for each one of your needs. Sometimes, however, one product just isn t enough. And that s where dynamic private label skincare duos come into play. Think of them as the necessary and effective one-two- punch of your skincare ritual.

So what are the best private label skincare duos to choose from? And does that even matter? Yes, it does matter and there are a few different combos that really hit the nail on the head. Whether you have your own private label skincare line or just want the most bang for your buck in your own skincare routine, these are the beauty based product partnerships we recommend:

A serum and an eye cream. Typically both formulas have more active ingredients than other products and are usually formulated to be extra effective, extra therapeutic and extra delicious for your skin. Look for duos with ingredients like plant peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and healing plant lipids like Rosehip seed and Jojoba oils.

A body scrub and hair mask. Why? Because sometimes we need luxury; sometimes we need more self care; and sometimes we really do just need to pamper ourselves a little bit! A body scrub that features a natural exfoliant like sugar and a nourishing plant lipid like Shea butter or Coconut oil is the perfect all over body treat to get your skin glowing and feeling silky as ever. Couple that with an intensive hair mask for damage-free and shiny, strong and healthy locks and you ve got yourself the perfect private label duo for a stress dissolving and beautifying spa-like treatment at home.

Soaking salts and a facemask. When a mineral rich soaking blend meets regenerating facemask a true beauty treatment is born. Tighten, tone and soften all over your body while your skin plumps, primes and shines in your private label facemask of choice.
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