The Best Skincare Stocking Stuffers (that Won't Break Your Bank)

It's officially the season of giving. Which means that everything from conversations with your friends to the ads that pop up when you surf the web are all geared towards one question: what are you getting for so-and-so this season? And while giving gifts to those you care about is fun and gratifying, it can also be a really stressful time. Who are you supposed to include? Are they getting something for you? Will they be offended if you don't? And of course, how much is it all going to cost? We know what you're going through, and we've got your back.

Whether you're short on money or have a long list of people to gift (or both!), there are a few thoughtful gifts you can give that check all the right boxes.

Essential oils- Specifically, wholesale essential oils like the ones we carry in our Buy Direct store. Why wholesale? Because it's actually affordable! There's no need to spend upwards of $26 on a single, small bottle of an essential oil! When you buy wholesale, you get the same (if not better) quality of oils for literally a fraction of the cost. Which means all your awesome friends and family members can get a great gift or stocking stuffer from you. And you don't have to go broke as a result.

Soaking salts- This one is super easy and fun because you have the option of making your own or buying it. Either way, if you choose the right soaking blend, you won't have to spend a lot. If you don't want to take a DIY approach then stick to non-fancy blends like Epsom and mineral salts that haven't had anything fancy added to them. You can gift them like that, or transfer some into smaller containers for easier gifting (they'll also fit a lot better into a stocking). If you want to take a crack at DIY, then simply mix your soaking salts of choice with a few drops of your chosen essential oil and BAM! Your very own soaking blend is ready to go. With extra brownie points for making it yourself.

Mask- This one might not seem super affordable up front, but when you gift sample sizes like the 2 and 3 oz sizes we offer, you end up with the perfect amount for a gift and plenty of money saved. And there's so many different kinds of masks to choose from! Eye treatments, hydrating masks, foot masks, clay masks- the list goes on. Which means that you're bound to find something for everyone while saving money and time in the long run. They fit perfectly in a stocking and come in cute little pots for ease of use and easy wrapping.

The holidays don't have to be as stressful as they seem. With a little bit of strategy, and help from our handy dandy list, you can find great gifts for everyone you care about without stretching your budget and feeling regret in the post-shopping aftermath. You can order your gifts from us at RainShadow Labs, or go to your favorite shops to find what you're looking for. 

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