The Body Perfecting Line at RainShadow Labs

Victor Hugo famously said that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. At RSL, we are nodding in agreement. For so long, we have focused most of our efforts and dollars on our faces .purchasing intricate and extraordinary serums and creams and potions for the repair and renewal of our visible visages ..reserving the truly revolutionary ingredients for the mugs of the world. As if we are heads on podiums ..being walked around by our bodies this privileging of faces has run its limiting course.

Today we stand on a new frontier ..and a new horizon marks the expanded possibility of self care and self love. Today we acknowledge the needs and beauty of the skin below the neck .all of it. We are here to bravely and heartily claim that all skin .not just that which is found above the neck .but ALL skin .deserves to be loved and cared for with equal consideration and quality. Love is the movement towards the inclusion of all and at RSL .we are aligning with such a  movement ..and including ALL skin in the gold label top shelf premium quality skin rejuvenation previously reserved for facial treatments.

With wholehearted and full body presence ..we enthusiastically present to you ..
The Body Perfecting Line .exclusively at RSL.

Fleshing out this line are the .
Body Perfecting Cream
Body Perfecting Lotion
Body Perfecting Serum
Body Perfecting Scrub
Botanical Foaming Wash in Morning Dew or Luminescent

Please use them all for layers and layers of clinical and elegant skin love from the neck on down.

In this product line, RSL has thoughtfully combined Natural, Organic and Wildcrafted botanicals with mainstream superstar age defying ingredients.

Plant Stem Cells always deliver when formulated at high enough concentrations. They behave as adaptogens .. giving your skin precisely what it uniquely needs for optimal dermal expression.

Niacinimide increased circulation, boosts oxygen capacity, and promotes collagen growth for a sturdier and more solid dermal matrix. The flacid dimpling and stretching of tired skin truly bounces back. Noticeable measureable results are apparent in as little as three weeks. Please take before and after photos to confirm for yourself the quality, texture and tone of your skin being improved literally right before your eyes.

Fermented Wakame lends huge nutrient uptake for collagen restructuring and boosting as well as improving skin texture and firmness on contact.

These formulations would be remiss without the tried and true peptides that are this day and ages remarkable contribution to skin youthening. Clinical trials flood this industry if results on paper are your thing. If not, just use it. Put it on and take a look and smile about it.

Panthenol, MSM, Vitamin C, Amino Acids, Astaxanthin and so many other classically trained performers line up in every gallon of these formulas for your experiential pleasure. We thought of everything. Honestly. Its all here just how you like it and want it to be.

We just cant recall why it took so long for anybody to realize that we could be inoculating our entire bodies with this level of skin repair and anti ageing miracle magic.

Its here for you in two premium all natural plant based and newly minted essential oil perfumes as well as unscented for those who like it that way.

If your hips and legs and booty and back want what your face has been getting .here it is.

We are so happy for us and for you. A bold step towards a brighter future for every skin cell alive is now a reality. The days of oppressing body skin and privileging facial skin are over! Equality for all skin cells everywhere!!!!!!!

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