The Difference between Natural and Regular Soap

If ever given the option, it is always better to use natural or organic products.  Organic food is better for your body, and with soap it is no different.  Knowing the differences between the soap making process of natural and regular soap will allow you to make yet another better choice in your day-to-day life.

The first major difference between natural soap and regular soap includes what they are made from.  During the soap making process, natural soap is always a mixture of lye, water, and oil, whereas the regular soaps you buy from the store are detergent-based from petroleum.  While petrol may be good for your car, it is definitely not good for your skin.

Regular soap contains ingredients which are harmful to your skin.  These include isopropyl alcohol, BHT, and Tricoslan which is found in most anti-bacterial soaps.  Natural soap contains none of these harmful substances.

The most noticeable difference between natural soap and regular soap is the effect it has on your skin.  Natural soap is soothing, whereas regular soap commonly acts as an irritant.  If you are looking for smoother, softer skin, consider switching to a natural brand.

The most common irritant in regular detergent-based soaps is alkali.  Alkali causes tight, itchy, and/or flaky skin.  If you suffer from any of these conditions, check the amount of alkali listed on your products label.

On the other hand, natural soap carries a high level of glycerin after the soap making process.  This compound soothes and moisturizes the skin.  It pulls moisture out of the air, making your skin stay soft longer than it would by using regular soaps.

Some would assume that the tag of natural also means the tag of a higher price.  There is actually little price difference between natural and regular soap.  Making your own natural soap at home may bring its price down even further.

Again, some might claim it an inconvenience to buy natural soap rather than purchase what they are used to.  With the ever-increasing popularity of organic products, however, natural soap is easier to find than ever before.  Look more carefully at the same places you usually shop, visit a store selling organics, or even shop online.

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