The FDA Wants to Know about Problems with Cosmetics

Did you know that most products that you use everyday on your skin, near your eyes and mouth do not have to be tested or approved by the FDA? This is quite concerning when you look at the research demonstrating how many problems women have with cosmetics every year.

Some of the problems that women experience when using wholesale cosmetics and retail cosmetics of less than superior quality include skin rashes, discoloration of skin, blotchy skin and even more severe skin conditions in a small percentage. While most of these conditions are not permanent and treatable, they can still be serious and irritating for people who purchase their cosmetics expecting a safe product.

How do you know if a cosmetic product is safe? It isnt always easy to tell. But, one way to tell if a cosmetic is expired or may be unsafe is to smell the cosmetic. If it has a strong or strange odor, it may be toxic or expired. Mascara, for example often has an odor that can indicate it should be thrown away and not used. But, you cant always tell.

What do you do if you use a cosmetic product and experience problems? The FDA has created a program asking people to submit information based on their negative experiences with a product. Their goal with this program is to support products that do not have negative side effects and to research those products that have adverse effects.
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