The Least of Them at RSL

It is said that when we help to liberate the least of this earths inhabitants .we have acted directly upon the whole. The liberation of our fellow earth-dwellers is our own liberation.
What we do to the most humble life form is done directly to our own self and to the collective. 

We understand how deeply you care and feel for the well being of this planet and her many children. You would not be part of the RainShadow community if this were not so. We also understand how overwhelming it is to take in the immeasurable suffering.

We understand how helpless you feel. How are we to make any kind of measureable difference?

It is with this understanding that RainShadow Labs joyfully takes your dollars and turns them into love letters to the world. Whether we are planting fruit trees in low income communities or starting co-ops in Africa ..or building fences, dog houses and beds for dogs living out their lives exposed to the elements on the end of a chain .we are taking your energy and turning it into a bog ole heart bump for some aspect of the world that is in need of healing.

Rest assured that without making any extra effort at all your RainShadow dollars are helping to ease the suffering on this planet immediately and measurably

One of our non-profit organizations of choice is Fences For Fido. Every year we donate enough dollars to liberate many dogs from their lives of pain and misery. Our wonderful employees at RSL spend their holiday vacation sewing dog beds for the cold wet lonely dogs of this county. Fence builds construct a full yard fence in three hours. A dog house is brought in to provide year round shelter. The dogs are released from their prison and veterinary care is provided. These dosg are checked up on twice a year to ensure that they continue to thrive in their liberated state. Most of the families are low income and just cannot afford to do better for their animals. This is a REAL solution.

If you have a hard time connecting to the kind of suffering these dogs go through just imagine being tied to a bed post for twelve years. Outside. Alone. IN the cold and wet of Oregon.  Now take in the amount of energy and movement that dogs need compared to those needs of a human being.

The fact that these dogs forgive and express love without end is a deep teaching. This alone makes them Deities as far as I am concerned. If you have never seen love in form come to one of these builds and witness the grace, generosity and open-heartedness of these suffering  beings. It is profound. Make no mistake .its not because they don t know better. They know perfectly well that human beings chained them up and left them there in the cold. They experience every second of suffering that their conditions elicit ..and somehow they choose to love more and not harden. Meditate on that!

Witness the love right here .

More life and more love for ALL of of life.

Thank you for caring.
Thank you for giving RainShadow Labs an opportunity to serve the light on this planet one disciplined and discerning choice at a time.

May the love continue to grow in your heart, life,  community and planet .always.

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